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With 269 servers in 19 countries around the globe-a total of 9649 IPs, 24×7 Live support, friendly staff and over 2950 customer reviews, Strong VPN is one of the most popular VPN providers.

Why Strong VPN?

For anyone who is in the market for a VPN account, Strong VPN is definitely worthwhile for you to check out. Strong VPN, a U.S. VPN service is based in San Francisco and has been providing VPN services since 1995. What really makes Strong VPN stand out from other VPN services is their understanding of what it takes to provide a customer a quality product. When you need help, you can easily reach them by Skype, on-site Live Help, or by phone (24x7x365). Plus, their $7/month and $55/year offer is irresistible and extremely affordable for customers in countries like China who need VPN to access websites like Facebook and Twitter.

  • Great Customer Support

    In our evaluation of Strong VPN, we have noted that Strong VPN provides the best customer satisfaction. Customers are happy with the connection speed, price and the support. Here is one customer’s feedback out of the nearly 3000 Five Stars reviews.

    “When I first approached VPN I was skeptical, because I thought it would be slow like all those free ones online and at the same time not very helpful. But through StrongVPN’s customer service, I learned I could cancel anytime, hassle free, within 7 days. I have to say I am still quite surprised with the quality of StrongVPN’s service. I’m a lazy guy and I asked them to set it up for me, virtually, on every computer I have. Even though I know it must be a pain for them, they still did it. Also, the speeds are surprisingly fast and allow me to download at close to normal speeds, even though I’m in China. Thank you, StrongVPN!

  • Irresistible Prices and Packages

    strong vpn $7 monthly plan

    Unlike other VPN services like Hide My Ass, which offers limited plans and choices, Strong VPN offers a variety of packages and a wider selection of services to suit the needs of different types of customers. This could look a little bit confusing for customers aren’t familiar with VPNs. The key is to understand the differences between PPTP VPN vs. Open VPN. Once you know the difference, you will start enjoying the different packages Strong VPN provides. So, which package should you choose? If you are new to VPNs, we would recommend you start with the “Standard” package. The good news is that no matter what plan you choose, you can always  upgrade or downgrade later with no additional cost,  or  penalty. First, get your VPN service up and running. Second,  test to make sure you can access your favorite websites, such as BBC, Facebook, etc.  If you are planning to use the VPN service in China, make sure any blocked websites  are accessible when Strong VPN is turned on.

  • Fastest Speed?

    Strong VPN customers are usually very satisfied with the connection speed they get. Many VPN service providers oversell their services; so, if the server is overloaded, your connection speed will drop dramatically. At Strong VPN however, the servers have a set (limited) number of accounts and the servers are monitored to make sure they are never overloaded.

    “You guys are the best! Your speeds are great, I get my netflix in full HD all the time. Great selection of servers! I had a little bit of trouble setting up, but the customer support was incredible and helpful.”

We have tested the Strong VPN service and our experience with it is very positive. Here are some of the top features Strong VPN offers, which we think you should be aware of before purchasing any VPN service:

  1. 24×7 Live Technical Help/Support by phone, Skype, email, and live chat.
  2. Unblock websites overseas (Surfing Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and many other prohibited sites in China).
  3. Supports a wide range of devices and operating systems: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iPhone, Android.
  4. Gbit Network Connectivity with a superb high speed Connection and no bandwidth charges.
  5. Fully refundable. Try Strong VPN for 7 days, without risk.

To learn more about Strong VPN service, click here to read Strong VPN reviews by customers. If you want to give the Strong VPN service a try, check out the different packages Strong VPN offers. We hope this review is helpful for anyone who is in the market for a VPN service. If you need help on deciding which VPN service to choose, please feel free to contact us. Ciao!

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