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The biggest sporting event of 2018 is currently going on in Russia. From June 14th through July 15th everything revolves around the World Cup 2018, the most popular sport in the world. If you live in the US, UK, or Canada and don’t have cable, don’t fret, you have options!

In addition to installing a regular old TV antenna to get around buying cable, you could get a VPN, a Virtual Private Network subscription. A VPN allows you to virtually reside anywhere on the planet from the convenience of your keyboard, stream soccer games broadcasted in other countries and get the satisfaction of showing your local broadcasting consortium your extended middle finger!

It is no coincidence that VPN providers use this time to run promotions with deep discounts for the World Cup, and best of all, in many cases they will honor that discount even on future renewals. So even if you don’t care one bit about football this is a great time to get a VPN. Don’t wait too long though, once these offers expire, they are gone…

Here is a list of VPN providers that work well and offer great value for money:

Best VPN services for World Cup 2018
IPVanish HideMyAss vyprVPN

Image Credit: IIP Photo Archive