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I usually don’t have any issues with hidemyass not connecting, therefore I was caught off-guard when HMA Pro VPN could not connect to server. I was sitting at an airport (Charlotte-CLT to be specific) and already connected to T-Mobile’s wifi. The connection was rather sketchy and barely workable, HMA was not cooperating.

After much trial and error, what finally worked was changing the DNS server from the default to Comodo DNS (AFTER you are connected with the Wifi provider!!!), but I am pretty sure many other DNS servers would have worked as well. If you haven’t done that before just click on your wifi signal icon and Network Preferences. From there chose Advanced and then the DNS tab. From here you can easily change DNS servers, so just delete the default servers and enter a DNS server of your choice. Click OK and try connecting to HMA Pro VPN again. I have tried this several times and it worked fine every time.

Caution: While changing your DNS Servers isn’t brain surgery, you might want to take note of the current settings, just in case they were there for a good reason. For most users these are assigned by default and you never have to worry about them.