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For most people this question can easily be answered with an emphatic yes. Before you start screaming at me in the comments read on…

The question “Is HidMyAss safe” is too vague to answer definitively, because it all hinges on your definition of safe. “Safe” could refer to anything from how a payment is handled to encryption or privacy policy, so the answer logically depends on context. So why then did I answer “yes?”

Chances are you want to purchase a VPN service to secure your Internet connection, to remain anonymous online, circumvent content restrictions, or to stream region restricted entertainment you otherwise wouldn’t have access to. Lets look at those in detail:
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How Secure is HideMyAss?

HMA VPN encrypts your Internet connection using 128-bit encryption thereby protecting all Internet traffic between your device and the HideMyAss VPN server. This makes it impossible for anyone to snoop on your connection no matter if you are using public Wi-Fi, your campus or company network, mobile data or your regular cable to gain access to the Internet.


As I mentioned above HMA VPN encrypts your Internet connection and therefore shields you from surveillance or data collection. As with every VPN, when you connect to HMA Pro VPN the VPN server will assign you a shared IP address which then becomes your new identity to the web. What the web will see is traffic to and from HMA’s servers without being able to tie this traffic directly to your computer, hence allowing you to remain anonymous.

Content Restrictions

Many networks prohibit access to certain types of content by employing filters and firewall rules. Connecting to a VPN circumvents those restrictions because the traffic between you and the VPN server is encrypted rendering local filters useless and giving you unrestricted access to the content of your choosing.

Region Restricted Entertainment

Music, movies, TV shows etc… are freely available online but often only in certain geographic areas. If your IP address isn’t located within that area you can’t access this content. Because hidemyass has more servers and IP address around the world than any other VPN provider on the market, HMA is a great choice to gain access to region restricted entertainment. Connecting to HMA VPN allows you to virtually reside anywhere on the planet, hence enjoy content no matter what the restrictions.

Are Payments to HMA safe?

I have used HMA for over 3 years now and not once had a problem, nor do I know of anyone who had problems with the credit card information being stolen because they signed up with HMA. So yes, HMA is quite safe to do business with.

Is It Legal to Use a VPN?

It is perfectly legal to use a VPN and to subscribe to any VPN service you like. In fact many companies, governments and schools require a VPN to access their internal networks.

HMA Logs

Hidemyass logs your connect and disconnect times and the IP address you are connecting from. They do not log what you are doing while you are connected to their service. These logs are used to keep troublemakers at bay and to allow HMA to troubleshoot their service and are of no concern as long as you use HMA for legal purposes only. If you, however, want to use a VPN to hide your illegal activities from law enforcement, then HMA VPN is not going to provide you with the anonymity you are seeking and you would have to answer the safety question "Is HideMyAss safe?" with no.

Is HMA safe? Summary


If you are looking to purchase a VPN to secure your Internet connection, remain anonymous online, unblock restricted content, or stream region restricted entertainment content then Hide My Ass should be your VPN of choice. HideMyAss offers servers in most countries, more IP addresses than anyone would know what to do with, great speed and throughput, good customer service, and best of all lets you connect 2 devices simultaneously on just one, very reasonably priced, account. Make sure you check out the HMA promotions before signing up.

Is HMA safe? I sure think so!

Image Credit: John Thomas